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cleaning out old fuel line?

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I have an old OEM fuel line from pump to carb and really want to use it. I want to run something through it or soak in something to make sure its clean. any suggestions? thx,john.
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In my case I let mine soak in a pan of carb cleaner which acts as a cleaning agent for a few hours then ran soap/water and finally water through it to clean on the inside.
Then once dry I took 0000 steel wool and good ole windex or white vinegar which acts as a lubricant and a mild acidic cleaning agent to clean,shine and remove oxidation on the outside. Do not let it sit in straight vinegar for more than a few minutes if thats what you use as it will react with the metal in a bad way.
Finally spray bombed with a clear of my choice which happened to be Walmart/Krylon gloss clear. it has not yellowed as of yet.

Marc S
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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