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I want to pass along something that might be of value to you. I have redone my 1972 SS dash with guages from Classic Instruments in Boyne City Mich. I have to say this is a TOP NOTCH operation. I can't say enough about the service, support and MOST IMPORTANTLY the PEOPLE at Classic.

I selected them because I spoke to one of their employess when I was trying to decide what product to use for my dash redo. I called with some questions and spoke at length with one of their folks. During the conversation he offered (I did not ask) to send me two empty guage housings to use as mockups / mules to see if I could make the fitment plan I had in my head work with real hardware. The empty guages convinced me I could make it work and the fact that they offered to send me the empty shells convinced me they were the guys I wanted to work with. I made a good decision!

Again I gotta say this is a TOP NOTCH OPERATION from the people who run the office, to the sales people, to the telephone tech support line. With all the bad news suppliers we can run into out there I just had to say something about one of the best suppliers I have EVER dealt with.

If you are considering new guages for your dash you better have Classic Instruments on your list. If you don't you are missing the boat. I can't say the other guys in the guage business are bad but I KNOW these folks are GOOD!

If anyone wants to see a picture of my SS Dash with the Classic Instruments installed contact me via E-mail. There is also a picture of the dash on this site but I cannot recall the location or the URL. One of the Moderators posted the picture for me. Do a search on "White Face Guages". The post is old...I have been moving VERY slowly on my car and the post is NOT under the handle OMAN because as I said the Moderator posted the photo for me.
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