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Chrysler MY6 Trans Fit GM bellhousing?

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Supposedly some GM light trucks used a Chrysler built 4 speed trans, with minor changes, to fit GM applications in the 80's - bolted to various V6's and V8's. It is reportedly a strong trans, cheap and shifts ok. Does any one know if it uses the same bellhousing pattern as the Muncie, etc. I think it is built as the "833" for Chrysler use and as MY6 (maybe MV6) for the GM stuff.

Anyone know about this one? Thanks,

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Yes, the A833 4-speed O.D. tranny was used.

I have more info on it at home so will get back this evening b/c I just don't have enough time to look it up for you.

Got to get back to work sorta deal is all.

Later, this PM..


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The A833 Chevy truck has the same bolt pattern as the Muncie, fits right in place. The early units have a cast iron main case, heavy sucker.
Does anyone know how they actually work out in a GM application like an A body?
Someone posted pictures of one in a Monte, or was it a Cutless, damn I can't remember. Search the trans forum on A833 a see what pops up.

Here is what I saved in my "brains" file..

Good reading...

"The A833 is actually a MOPAR (Chrysler) transmission that Chevrolet offered as on option in some of their light duty pickups from 1981 through 1986. It is a 4 speed transmission (3 speed + 4th gear=overdrive).

The overdrive ratio is .73, which makes for nice cruising.
They are not an easy find, but are well worth your time if you can find one cheap.

The T5 trannies are much more commonplace and, therefore, easier to find. You'll probably pay less to have a T5 rebuilt than an A833.

I like the thought of a truck 4 speed in a truck. But I would have opted for a T5 if one from a V-6 S10 or V-8 Camaro had become available for a good price.

The gear ratios for the 4 speed A833 O.D. are as follows.
1st - 3.09
2nd - 1.67
3rd - 1.00
4th - 0.73
The gears are very close to those of the 700R4 (3.06,1.67,1.00,0.70). Works for me. I'm not too familiar with the T5 but I do know they come with a variety of ratios, from about a 4:1 first gear to an overdrive that's barely worth shifting to (about .85). Most fall in between.
There are many technical articles on the web about the T5 (and related) tranmissions. There may even be some swap info here on the Inliners site. Search around.
-magic mike-"

The only deal with them is that they are only rated at 275 pound foot b/c of the extremely deep first gear not like the regular Hemi type trans at probably above 450 pound foot, I figure easy.....


PS., just found this....

Transmission, Speed Gears,Cluster Gear
3.09 23-spline trans, One groove, One gr
2.65 18-spline trans, None, Two gr's
2.47 23-spline trans, Three gr's, Three gr's
2.44 18-spline trans, Two gr's, Six gr's
2.66 23-spline trans, None, None

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The other thing to keep in mind is the don't shift like a Muncie, tend not to shift I high rpm. But, they look plenty strong inside, built a lot like a Muncie but the gears are heavier and the main shaft is big a narly.
Right, Wally!!

My Brother said the A833 trans I have now didn't speed shift all that good b/c it has a lot of rotating mass which is why I figure it is the STRONGEST stock muscle-car 4-speed made!! It is in perfect shape too!!!

AND it is a BIG, all cast-iron, SUCKER!!!!!


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Another option is the NV3500 5sp out of the 88+ 1/2 Chev trucks. Alot stronger then the T5's (~300ft/lbs. and I know a few guys who have gone through 8.5" rear ends before the tranny broke) First ratio is a little steep at 3.5, but overdirve is nice at 0.73. The great thing is they are very easy to find for pretty cheap.

Few things to remember;
1- All use an electronic speedo
2- Use a hydraulic clutch setup, maybe even easier to put in an auto car.
3- 2 different ratios. Close ratio (3.5 1st gear) pretty sure all the 1/2 tons have them. Wide ratio (4.0 1st gear) and they are usually found in S10's with the 4.3L V6.

Just another idea.
this is considered a new process trans not a chrysler. the my6 is a dirrect bolt in for a muncie or saginaw three speed. lengths are the same and the spline counts are the same. a couple of things to know that are different is they have to use a truck bellhousing for the larger trans bearing retainer hole, also some of them used a 1/2 mopar and 1/2 chevy bolt pattern. others used a standard chevy bolt pattern. their cases were made in either cast iron or the prefered aluminum. try your local trans shop, they are not used in the stock application much and are ussually just sitting on the shelf. tom
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why not just got for the New Process 435 tranny, who needs OD when you can run 2.50 rear gear due to the 6.80 low gear in the tranny :D Strong too, ford/chevy/mopar used it in everything from 6cylinder 1/2 ton trucks to Diesel 1.5ton trucks.
I have one in my 72. Perfect fit. Not finished with the shifter yet but close.
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