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Choosing an Electric fuel pump.

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Well I am getting closer to start. Carb should be here this week. Was looking at this fuel pump. Any thoughts? Running 454 roller engine stock bore low comp. with edelbrock 1813 carb. Is it worth going with the kit? Or any other would be better? I have to go with electric the Block I have has no cut out for mechanical. I don't have my gas tank yet but will run from remote tank as a temp. So I can start my car. Any Thoughts?


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  • Combo, Edelbrock, Black Electric Fuel Pump/Regulator 5-10 psi, Painless Wiring 40 Amp Relay, Kit
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Don't be afraid of other companies. Edelbrock isn't making those pumps. Mallory has a real quiet pump in their 140 series.
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