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Chevelle weight

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Hi guys, i was wondering what the the app weight of a 1967 chevelle with a big block 396 4 speed car is? The reason i am asking is i am wanting to buy a holley carb and i see a lot of ad s saying for automatic or manual transmission with cars weighting less than 3100 lbs.what type of cab would you reccomend with a high perforance cam ,headers, muncie 4 speed ,410 gears and about 10.5 compression ratio.the car will not be driven everyday,would a vac sec be better or a mech sec? I was thinking of 770 cfm dual line with an electric choke.or will a choke be that important in the south? A lot i have seen have a manual choke or no choke , i do not want a manual choke.the car will only be driven on weekends to car shows and maybe the drag strip every once in a blue moon.what do you guys suggest. I trying to build a car close to a 375 horse 396 with closed chamber heads l78 . What would you guys recommend ? Thanks in advance ! :)
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Your car weighs approx. 3400-3500 lbs.
I would use a 750 Double Pumper
The 4779 is a good choice.
The Holley 750 Street HP is another choice it has no air horn , they work quite well.
The part number is 82751

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