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I wanted to baseline the Chevelle through a slalom course and also test my new traqmate data acquisition system. I wasn't expecting much given it was a pretty dirty road (that I hand swept with push broom), slightly crowned pavement and more importantly completely worn out suspension. Also this was the first time I pushed the handling of the car, though only at low speeds.

Best average mph was 39.5, which isn't very good haha. Though I've seen newer mustangs only do about 42 mph, so its all relative I guess. After some reviewing I think I could for sure get into the 40s, maybe close to 41.

Some driving impressions I had. I thought the MT Sportsman S/T's did pretty well for a 15" tire. Noticeable understeer as expected. I was expecting the seats to be a lot worse than they were, but I really want some bolstered seats. The steering is terrible. The slow box and large skinny wheel is awful for fast maneuvers. I can't wait to get my AGR 12:1 in there. I am so used to a different steering input I struggled with my hand position, and I couldn't train my brain out of it during the testing.

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