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Chevelle Parts catalog on CD

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I was wondering if anyone has any input on this parts catalog cd? It's certainly not expensive, but I wonder how good it actually is, and if it's even legal
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yep, agree.....I have the same style CD. Many pages of data...with NO way to cross reference or look up a part. You literally have to go through each section. You would think they would group all parts by section.... like put all drive line or brake parts in one section...nope.

I even went to the local chevy dealer and looked at the parts manuals they keep under the counter...... guess what, the CD and the manuals are the same.
So the CD is a copy of the actual parts manual......!!!
The parts guy and I looked for a couple of luck, unless you want to look page-by-page.

Hopefully, someone on here can let us know a better way to look up older GM parts...... take care!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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