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Great work/Job

Patterns for Screening onto T Shirts for Team Chevelle Members
But No Cowl Hoods on Cars that did not come with it // 70 - 73 did
as the 66 did not come from the Factory with a Cowl Hood
although the 66 and 67/68/69s came with Hood Scopes that did not work as such
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I made these messing around, anyone think we should do something with it?

that is so cool - guys are right keep it factual with what that particular year can have as up grades

i have 72 dark brown and 67 dark metal grey - Both Malibu with OUT the bling bling - id get a shirt from you for each with one on the back

heck branch out Camaro and Nova?

have one with the blower out the hood - imagination and craft skills are not on my resume

mine have no blower - that's just an idea

the drawing is magnificent - thanks for sharing

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