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Last weekend I entered the Chevelle in the Optima USCA event at NCM. Overall it was a good time but there are still some teething pains that I need to work out, but mainly I need to learn how to drive this thing!

On Saturday morning I was having a hard time getting around the autox. The course was a bit long in areas to stay in first, so I had to shift into second. I'm trying to learn left foot braking but when I throw in a shift here and there, things didn't work out the best! In the afternoon I went back to right foot braking and added some compression to the rear shocks and things started to improve to the tune of dropping about 7 seconds off my morning runs.

On Sunday was the road course, which was fun but I noticed a vibration in the car after going into a turn a little too hot and driving over the rumble strips (more like huge speed bumps). By the third session I decided to come in and not chance it with the vibes getting worse.

One of the coolest things of this event - and a huge surprise to me - I won the Driver's Choice award! That was nice knowing my fellow drivers liked my car enough to select it. 😁

After I unpacked the trailer, I put the car on the lift to inspect it and everything structural is still in tact! All my welds look good, nothing is bent, and the wheels are still round! I think the vibrations are coming from the clutch, but I won't know for sure until I have a chance to pull the trans.

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