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Yeah I know a couple of formulas but if I rattle them off they won't help you. The wattage you added up is the output wattage of your stereo system. It has 0 to do with what your stereo and power amp will draw from the battery. The easiest way to determine that is from the papers that came with the units, a sticker indicating current draw (amps) on the back of the unit, or the recommended fuse size for your units.
You really only care about amperage. That's what the alternator is rated at.
Let's say your original alternator is rated at 60 amps. It's stamped on top of the alternator. Car was happy with that. You go and add in a stereo that wants 15 amps and a power amp that wants 30 amps. You should consider putting in a new alternator of no less than 105 amps to put you back where you started. Hope that makes sense.
Don't crank it up in front of my house. It annoys the dog.
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