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I posted earlier that I started taking it for insomnia. Seems to have improved. Still wake up some nights but at least I dont toss and turn. I also have high eye pressure, on a glaucoma watch, and was being tested by specialist every 6 months. Those visits stopped with covid and finally started back up recently. My pressures were way down to the point the ophthalmologist was surprised and asked if I was taking anything other then the daily eye drops.
BS? maybe. Snake oil? maybe. Better fuel efficiency? maybe. But if there is any chance in hell this stops me from going through the pain of glaucoma or possible blindness? I will continue eating my daily home made chocolate chip cookie and dont give a flying fadoo whether it is just all in my head or not..
Have you tried a new mattress. May help with tossing and turning and staying asleep when you do. Stay away from cheap ones and go soft. Will help with pressure relief (tossing and turning)

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