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Carter Electric Fuel Pump

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How many people are running the Carter 4600 HP pump? I have had not that good of luck with Holley Blue's. The first one lasted 3 years and when it got hot it stopped . My next one same thing .

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I have one. I like it....been good to me for the last 4-5 years. Not a lick of trouble. I too had a lot of problems with the holley blue's I was using before that. They'd only last about 1-2 years before they died.

Also, running any pump dead-headed will shorten its life, and make more noise than using a return line and regualtor. Even though Holley recommends using their dead--head regulator when using a blue pump, the pumps don't like it. A blue pump doesn't make the most sense, if you don't need the flow it produces. It will run constantly at full load, banging away at the 14psi internal relief valve. A return regualtor will allow the pump to run at whatever you set for the carb pressure, somewhere around 7psi. This lightens the load on the pump, and it'll run quieter and cooler. (most likly longer too....)

So, my 8psi carter, with a return line, runs at 6psi where I set it. It's been very reliable for me, and is MUCH quieter than the Holley's....
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