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so i have a Holley 6140 vacu 2ndries on my chevelle.

its flooding and not holding ideal after choke kicks off.

fuel drips down the rod piece that goes up to the spring housing.

in the video you can see big drips fuel dripping down inside.

I have blown power valves before but that was always after really getting on it and when the carb was not tuned right i would let off and blow valve.

This time i went around a sharp turn hard and then it started acting i think float is stuck?? some gentle taps did not free it.

any ideas before i open it up?? :confused:

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Your needle and seat has dirt under the needle.

Time for a new fuel filter...I have found 6 months and replace filters.

Or float level changed..

The accelerator pump housing usually because the screws are loose
or been too tight and warped the aluminum housing.

I usually check that with a straight edge..Then lay on flat surface and smack with hammer to straighten if it is out any..
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