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Carb problem

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I found an odd problem with my carb after using new NOS setup. I did a few short blasts just to feel the added power. It drove fine after that for about 45 mins. Then my engine wouldn't hold an idle. Got the car back home and found fuel leaking out of all 4 screws in front bowl (Holley 850 dp). Took front bowl off, found all 4 screws were stripped out, and needle and seat was sticking. Carb hasn't been apart for years, and I never had a problem with it before this. Could my front fuel bowl get pressurized causing all this? No one I've spoken to so far has an answer for this. Any thoughts would be appriciated.
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Thanks. I repaired the stripped bolts. I need a new needle and seat assembly for the front fuel bowl still. I'll have to check the wot switch to make sure it is set up right. Heat was also one of the things I thought of. It must have gotten pretty hot to expand the carb and strip the 4 bolts and mess up the needle and seat assembly. Thanks for the input.
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