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Have a 496 with aluminum edelbrock rpm heads. 10.5:1 compression. 570/595 lift and 248/258 @.050. Its a Doug Herbert crate motor and supposed to make 600hp +/-. The car will be a street strip car.

I need to pick a carb for it and was thinkin a 850 Annular Mighty Demon.
Is this a good choice? I am definitley a novice at tuning carbs. I have read a prior post or two with negatives on the Demons. Have a 750 Speed Demon on a buillt 327 and have had nothing but good luck with it....worked great out of the box. I have never been around the Mighty Demon and wondered if there are any good/or bad reviews out there with this carb. If not, what do you suggest? My price range is between $500-600.

While we are talking about Demon carbs, is it a general consinsus that their tech support is lacking? Also, why doesnt summit carry them anymore?

Thanks for the help...appreciate it.

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Another vote for a Pro Systems 1000HP. Have one on my 454 and love it. You wont go wrong using one of Patricks carbs. :thumbsup:
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