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car show in so cal today 6/15/13

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Hello, i am not new but l did not know where else to post this info. For any interested people in the southern California there is a car show sponsered by the So Cal Chevelle Camino club. I did noy find it on the calender and just thought i would pass the info along they will accept last minute entries till 9AM and the event is an open car show with many catagories to view or enter. i have no affiliation to this Chevelle /El Camino club but a friend told me about it and is entering a very very nice 1969 427 Dana COPO clone Elco and was asked to judge the Chevelle section the address for this event is 4505 Katella ave Los Alamitos Ca 90720 any more info could most likely be found at SCCCC anual show Google it I sure hope this is ok to let any Team Chevelle members and friends about this event Happy fathers day to all you MFers
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This is a great yearly show. Use to be chevelles and caminos only but now is open to all cars.. Last year they had a couple of Nostalgia top fuel rails they would start up a few times. Pretty big turn out.
This is the wrong section for this info, maybe a mod will see and move it.
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