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I'm looking for some good pictures of '68-'72
Chevrolet A-bodies. I'm planning to publish a poster
featuring production data and pictures of about
15 cars (3 per year). This will be an extremely
detailed and comprehensive compilation of
production data for '68-'72 Chevelle, El Camino,
GMC Sprint, and Monte Carlo.

Anyone who supplies a picture that is used will,
of course, get their car and their name on the poster,
as well as a free copy.

I'm looking for a broad cross-section of the different models.
Below is a list of the desired models. Please email me if you
have anything close.

Concours Estate wagon ('68-'72)
Concours 4 door sedan ('68-'69)
Heavy Chevy ('71-'72)
Monte Carlo SS-454 ('71)
Chevelle 2-door post sedan SS ('69)
Chevelle COPO 427 ('69)
El Camino SS-396 ('68)
LS6 Convertible ('70)
Malibu (non-SS) ('68-'72)

Other cars will also be needed, please email me with details.
Photos must be of good quality (slides or prints).
The cars must be basically stock in appearance. A minor change
or two is ok (such as tires).

Thanks !
Dan Carr - Team Chevelle Gold # 11 - [email protected]
(Author of the El Camino, GMC Sprint, and SS identification
pages at Team Chevelle).

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I don't have a chevelle to send you pictures of, but are you gonna be selling these posters? Say, via the members section(where the hats and shirts are) It sounds cool I want one!

64SS-327-4spd-sold to Original owner!
In process of finding a 65
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Steve D,
Yes, I'm definitely planning to sell the posters.
I'm planning this to be the most comprehensive work on '68-'72 Chevelle
production ever published.

I'm going to talk to Al about offering it through Team Chevelle.

I sent you email.
Yes, I want to use your car.

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Like some of the others, I would be interested in these posters as well. Just one thing, what's wrong with 64 thru 67? Is there a reason you are omitting these years from your poster works?

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Here is the link There is a A-body show at OPG (Original Parts Group) in Huntington Beach today. Supposed to be lots of Chevelles. Also, Dan do you have any relation to Art Carr? Just wondering.

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When I finish the '68-'72 poster, I'm
planning to do one just for the '64-'67


Do you have a 35mm shot of your Heavy Chevy
with the "stock" wheels and mirrors ?


No relation to Art Carr that I know of
(too bad, I could use a tranny expert in the


Nice car. I need a stock appearance for
the poster though.


Where on Earth do you live ?
Your "Summer '98" pictures show show on
the ground ;)
I might be able to use your car depending
upon what other pictures I come up with.
I need 3 of each year, and they can't all
be the same model, color, etc.

Any pictures I use will have to be actual
film (35mm prints or slides). Downloaded
or compressed images won't be good enough.
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