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car pictures needed for poster

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I'm still working on my production totals poster and I need a few more *GOOD* car pictures to finish it.

Here is what I am still looking for:

1968 SS, coupe or convertible (with the optional '68 SS stripes).

1970 LS6 convertible
1970 LS3 or L48 Malibu 2-door coupe
(for 1970, I would also settle for an LS6 coupe and a Malibu convertible)

1971 SS-454 Monte Carlo

1972 SS convertible

I might also be able to use a '70-'72 Wagon

The preferred colors for these cars are: red, green, gold, and yellow.

I don't need any more blue cars. Cars must have a basically stock
paint scheme and appearance, with all the correct trim. Original style wheels or Chevy
rally wheels only. Radial tires are ok. Of course, the most important
thing is picture quality !! The best pictures for me to use are ones that
are taken in a wide-open area, away from trees, buildings, telephone poles, etc.
Hoods, doors, and trunk must be fully closed. Side windows can be open.
The top must be down on convertibles. All shots must be from the side
or front (but not directly from the front).

I will need actual 35mm prints or slides.
Please email any leads to: [email protected]

Thanks !
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I've got a forrest green w/white stripes L34 hardtop 1970 SS396. You didn't list my model as needed for this project, but the color sounds needed. Email if you need it.

Morris "moepoe" Porter

Aces 2674
'70 L34 Chevelle SS396
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