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After watching the Barrett Jackson auction on Speed I was about to come to the conclusion that you could no longer buy anything that was any type of true SS big block Chevelle in good shape for less than $50,000 or there abouts. I know they have a lot of top quality fully restored, numbers matching cars there but when you see 325 HP SS396's going for $65,000 it makes you wonder.

This weekend Kruse International had an auction here in Oklahoma City and I was able to go by for a couple of hours. I viewed it more as a car show than an auction as I was not in the market to buy anything. And actually it was a very nice "car show" in they had a lot of nice, mostly Detroit, cars to look at. I did get a chance to see one Chevelle cross the block.

It was a 67, described as a true "138" SS car. They said it had a "375 HP 396, non-numbers matching, non-original motor but I was not able to see it with the hood open. The car looked pretty nice with an older paint job that was shiny but did have some minor issues like some checking here and there and some "brush out of the bottle" small touched up spots when you looked close. They stated the car was very solid and rust free but can't vouch for any of that. The interior appeared to be very nice top to bottom-buckets, console, auto trans. Car sounded good when they pulled it up.

Anyway the car went for $18,200 with slow bidding. The seller did want to move it as he dropped the $25k reserve and took the $18k. Maybe the bidders knew something I didn't but I thought that was a very reasonable price.

Changing the subject a bit one of the most striking cars there was a 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88, 2dr hardtop with, I believe the sign said, a "Starliner" interior. The car was a kind of candy apple red with a white interior and it was really stunning. Looked to be all original, not a custom. I don't remember ever seeing an Olds that looked exactly like this one. It had a lots of lookers around it as long as I was there. Nice car.
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