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You can remove them, take off your door panel and you can ubolt it. You'd probably have to replace your window regulators with 69 style and get some 69 glass or just buy a set of 69 doors.

I couldn't find it in my factory assembly manual.

Wondering as to why you want to remove these? Its your car, do what you want to.

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Going by your previous posts and Forum sign-on you have a wagon. The wagons and el caminos have wing windows upto 72. I don't think you will be able to find a a wagon in the 68-72 A body line that does not. You might be a able to do custom glass but I think it is a long shot. Good Luck. Anyone else correct me if I am wrong.

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Not easy!!

I'm assuming that it's a "sedan" type door with the frame around the closed glass. (this would be easier than converting a "coupe" type door)

Here's a list of things to think about;

1. Removing the vent assembly is just a matter of unbolting it.

2. You can get long sections of window felt channel that you could install, but does the area that would be the front track (close to the door hinges) go down far enough.

3. You would have to locate a regulator that has the correct length arms in order to support the new glass.

4. You would have to locate glass or have it made up. It is possible to have glass curved to any shape you need, but it is real costly (done by the street rod guys for chopped cars). You have to supply a metal form to the place doing the work so that they can put it and the glass in a kiln.

5. The door edges at the vent assembly are not as wide as at where the stock glass is. As a result, you would have to rework that edge.

6. You would have to locate longer window felts at the door edge (that wipes the glass).

7. You may have to stiffen the door due to the longer opening that is now not supported by the vent assembly.

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