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Can I get some help here?

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I have a 1972 Chevelle 402 ss, 4-speed M-20 muncie tranny, and I have the original motor and cowl tag still on the car. Does this information make sense with the dates, etc? I seen some cars on eBay with motors built 2-3 months before a cowl tag date, and mine was 1 month. Let me know what you think. Thanks guys!

My car's vin number is 1D37U2Bxxxxxx.

The cowl tag reads:

ST 72 13637 B 005414 BDY

TR 704 A51 26 26 PNT

06D 05091 0427

The 402 engine's information is:

Casting number: 3999290
Casting Date: E 25 72
Block Stamp number: T0601CLA
Vin # stamp number: 12Bxxxxxx
Head Casting Numbers: 6272292 (for both heads)
Head Casting Dates: E 24 72 and E 26 72
Intake manifold date: E 10 72
Intake manifold Casting#: 6263753
Exhaust manifold Cast #s: 3989310 and 3989343
E. Manifold cast dates: K 18 71 and A 20 72 (no smog holes)

Thanks again!
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Thanks. Looks like my car is a numbers match then. My block was cast about 5 weeks before the cowl tag date. Thanks again!
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