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Can anyone help with TH-400 decode Please!!!

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I just bought a 67 Chevelle SS from a guy. The transmision is TH400 short shaft. The numbers are as follows:
On the right hand lower bell housing:
Then on the rear out put shaft housing:
On the alum Tag riveted to RH side of case is:
9-CW- 1563
Can we date and find out what it came out of?

Thanks In Advance!
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I don't have info. with me at work, some but not much... The main case part # is 3823462.

Location of of turbo 400 date code is supposed to be stamped on that small metal tag riveted to right side of the main case and is a Julian date system, not like a typical calendar year. Production of the 67 model year started 8/1/66 which is day 213 Julian, Dec. 31 would be day 365 and and Jan 1 would be day 366 and continues until final production day 577 7/31/67 I am pretty sure the "C" = 396 Chevelle I believe the A would be for January and the 8 might be for 68?? or 8th day January ? sorry I can't really be more useful here...

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