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Can anyone help with TH-400 decode Please!!!

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I just bought a 67 Chevelle SS from a guy. The transmision is TH400 short shaft. The numbers are as follows:
On the right hand lower bell housing:
Then on the rear out put shaft housing:
On the alum Tag riveted to RH side of case is:
9-CW- 1563
Can we date and find out what it came out of?

Thanks In Advance!
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From my TH400 book, "The ID code gives the model year, a two digit division and calibration code, and a serial number. Some have a second line indicating the day the transmission was built."

Given the above I'd say you have a 1969 Chevrolet TH400 built on the 338th day of the year. The only problem I see from my reference is that the first CW code shows as being for a 1970 Chevelle, V8 400CI. The codes don't show a 70 402, so I'd bet the 400 meant the SS Chevelle 402.

Perhaps the late build date in the year meant the trans would show up in a 1970 car?

Sorry I can't be more definitive, maybe others have a better reference for the other numbers.

John Walker
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