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can 1970 SS gauges be used for 350 small block

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I'm in the process of creating a SS clone however it'll be a while before I get a big block for my car. I do, however, have a SS dash/gauge/wiring package. Can I install the big block dash, gauges and wiring and connect them to my 350 small block without modifying my new BB engine compartment wiring extensivly. Thanks in advance
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The gauges do care. An L6 engine won't work with a V8 tach. The OE V8 tachs attach to the negative terminal of the coil. So each time the distributor tells the coil to fire the tach also registers a signal. The L6 engine will turn 1.25 revolutions for evey one rev indicated by the tach.

1000rpm indicated = 1250rpm actual
2000rpm indicated = 2500rpm actual
3000rpm indicated = 3750rpm actual
4000rpm indicated = 5000rpm actual
5000rpm indicated = 6250rpm actual

You can see how this is bad. Some instruments (like a timing light) only read the number of times cylinder #1 fires. In that case the number of cylinders doesn't matter. But for an OE tach: V8 Tach - V8 engine.

You are correct in that the situation we are repsonding to, it will work properly. Just for the archive's sake I wanted to weigh in on this very slight point.
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