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Pulled Camshaft out my 350 SBC. The only numbers on it are: 20220 at one end.
And also found what appears to be 1438 or 1430 D9 between lobes. Does anyone have a clue, what cam is this? I can use all the help I can! Thanks! I went ahead and attached some pics.


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the number cast into the cam is the core blank, hard to tell but it looks to be a cwc cam core, also it is either a 1539 or 1538, not sure but it makes a difference. If you look up those cam bank numbers it will tell you the difference. basically the 1539 blank is used for cams like RV or low duration, and lifts in the .300-.350 and down range. The other numbers should be the grind numbers on the back but I don't know who ground the cam so don't know who's catalog to check for specs. the company that made and distributed that core is listed below sometimes the sold completed cams for GM and others, might give them the number stamped on the back of the cam and they might be able to tell you what it is.
Camshaft Machine Co.
Firm Type: Private Company, Headquarters Location
Address: 717 Woodworth Rd.
City / State / Zip: Jackson MI 49202-1654
Country: United States
Main Phone: 517 787-2040
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