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Cam selection sbc 400

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First off I have a small block 400 4 bolt main bored .40 over stock rods with speed pro hypereutectic pistons rated at 9.08:1 compression with 76cc heads. I have a set of the old double hump heads with the 2.02 valves, screw in studs and a 1.6 ratio roller rockers with springs good to a 525 lift. The crank is standard and has been polished. I doubt that it needs it but I have used ARP bolts through out the engine. I am considering 2 different cams both from lunati. The first is a 489/504 duration is 227/233 @50 and advertised is 268/276 performs from 1800-6200. The second is a 504/525 duration is 233/241 @50 and advertised is 276/284 performs from 2200-6400. I am using a pete jackson gear drive melling high volume oil pump and everything will be toopped off with a edelbrock performer rpm intake and a holley 750 carb. Transmission is a turbo 350 with a 2500 stall and 3:55 gears. Will be in a 69 chevelle street car that I will drive to the track, the car will not be driven daily so that is not an issue. In the future I will install a set of 3:73 gears and maybe a small 100 shot of nitrous. If you guys have any other suggestions as far as cams or anything that you would change please feel free to let me know. I would have went with different connecting rods and pistons however at this time that was all I could afford. Thanks for all the help.

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Duration on the 1st. one is good. Make sure the LCA is 106 deg.
use a good timing chain instead of the gear drive
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