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ok I know I started about 30 therads in here so bare with me.

I am looking to buy paint for the under side of my 66 SS. a while of go you guys said to use PPG EPX900 epoxy primer. to spay that you need the PPG hardener 6213SP and the reducer C300SP. does that sound right? also to fill in some of imperfections I should use some sort of filler, what do you guys recommend or what have you used in the past. also how much paint do I need. I want to paint the inside of the car, inside of the cowl, the firewall, and the bottom.:confused:

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I'm pretty sure this is my game plan, but I have to triple check, and also plans change in the middle of them. But I will give you my best shot, and if it doesn't sound right we'll hear about it, mind you this is time consuming, but old retires have the time.
I intend on making the bottom of the car perfect, yeah nothings perfect, but you have to shoot for the high scale.

The bottom of the body will be sand blasted by myself very carefully, at an angle so the panels don't wharp.
Then I will take ppg dp90lf and dp402lf and take a brush and very carefully work the epoxy into the edges of the body flanges etc, just enough to coat them, but not thick.

Then spray two coats of epoxy (same stuff) over everything.

Then duraglas filler over any of the real bad parts, weld etc.

Sand the duraglas down so it's pretty decent.

There won't be a lot of duraglas left.

Then two coats of z chrome sprayable body filler.

Almost all of that will be sanded off.

Then spray more epoxy on the bare spots.

Then ppg k 38 primer over the epoxy.

Sand any borderline spots with 180.

Finish sanding with red scotch brite.

I'm not sure on the final coat, what that will be.

This is what I'm thinking, probably some wasted material here, or wasted time.

But I want it perfect, and I'm like you, not real sure on this, but unless some body tells me I'm way off I'm going for it.

Were both amateurs, but we have to start someplace, hopefully the pro's on here will keep us straight.


I forgot to mention z chrome can be sprayed over bare metal, it's a rust inhibitor and sealer.

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baddbob71 said:
Rob, you've got a good plan.

Keith, EPX-900 needs to be mixed 1-1 with EPX-901 hardener. I'm not sure where you got the other info from but it's wrong. Bob
thanks but as it truns out the store where I am buying paint only carrys Dupont. so I will be buying that brand. but this sotre realy knows there stuff when it comes to paint, and what you need. but they don't sell a two part seam sealer, on a tube cull sealer.
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