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I have a '72 Monte Carlo idiot light dash that I put into my '71 Chevelle. I previously read that some of the bulkhead wires need to be moved to hook up with the Chevelle forward harness. My Monte block has more circuits (connectors) that the Chevelle forward harness.
Does anyone have a simple solution or do I need to trace every circuit out to determine where it connects?

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Man, your saving me big-time. I've been wanting to kick-start this project since I've stalled out on it. Working this out manually wouldn't help things along much.
I appreciate it, thanks for the help

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The following directions should provide the necessary information to modify your 72 harness for use on your 70.
If you look closely at the wire side of the dash harness bulkhead connector (separate the fuse block from the bulkhead connector) You should see letters marking the rows and columns. The rows are A,B,C and D. The columns are S,T,U and V for the forward lamp harness and W,X,Y and Z for the engine harness. The following instructions will refer to these coordinates. These letters can be seen in these pictures 70/71 and 72.
Includes wire color, engine side connection and dash side connection


AS – No wire (Should be black wire for key warning buzzer. Your warning buzzer will be under dash,)
BS – Dark Green – temp sensor or temp switch / temp gauge or temp light – Move from CZ
CS –No change (Light Blue –LH dir signal)
DS –Black – J-block /amp gauge –Move from DX Forward lamp harness wire to be added. Gauge cluster harness only
AT –No change (Black grounds at horn button for horn relay)
BT –No wire
CT –No change (Dark Blue –RH dir signal)
DT –Black/dark Blue/White (looks like Black/White) –horn relay / amp gauge –Move from CX. Forward lamp harness wire to be added. Gauge cluster harness only.
AU –No change (Light Green -head light high beams)
BU –No change (Brown –running/marker lights)
CU –Brown/White –voltage regulator / ignition switch (The brown white wire from the ignition switch is a resistor wire, supplies power to the voltage regulator when key is on) -brown wire to GEN light (light harness only) –Move from BT.
DU –Tan –brake dist block / brake warning light –Move from BS
AV –No change (Tan –head light low beams)
DV –Red –Main power feed to dash –Move from WD


AW –Purple –starter solenoid S terminal / Neutral safety switch –Move from AZ
DW –No wire
AX –No wire (would be TCS)
BX –No change (Pink to ignition switch / engine side has white/orange /purple to coil)
CX –No wire
DX –No wire
AY –No Change (brown –coil / tach) Engine side wire to be added. Gauge cluster only.
BY –No Change (dark blue oil pressure switch / oil warning light)
CY –Yellow –power to wiper motor / wiper fuse –Move from DS
DY –Light Blue –wiper motor (washer pump) / wiper switch –Move from DT
AZ –No wire
BZ –No change (orange blower motor / blower switch) Used on heat only cars, not used on A/C cars.
CZ –Dark Blue –wiper motor / wiper switch –Move from CU
DZ –Black –wiper motor / wiper switch –Move from DU

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Jeepers Elree!, If the people in the middle east knew as much about getting along as you do about the wiring in these cars,...I mean, really!
Well, you have already saved me a lot of trouble once, I'm sure you'll probably do it again. Don't ever leave this site.

Thanks again,
Louie Hammel
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