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Bugatti Veyron Top Speed - 253mph! (407kph!)

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Sorry if this has been posted before, but this is amazing - I was scared watching this let alone driving it! WOW!
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Ron, funny you should mention this car, I read this article at work this afternoon. It was from the Daily Mirror, today. Daren

By Stewart Maclean and Vanessa Allen 07/03/2007

A FURIOUS millionaire, whose brother wrecked his £830,000 supercar, raged at him at the crash scene: "I'll deal with you when we get home."
The 41-year-old tycoon, who was on a waiting list for a year for his beloved Bugatti Veyron, only had it delivered a week earlier.
A witness said the businessman - believed to be Kumar Soni of Shepperton, Surrey - yelled at his younger brother after the 100mph crash.
The onlooker added: "After the accident an older man turned up in a four-wheel drive car and was shouting and screaming. I got the impression it was the driver's older brother. He looked absolutely furious.
"He was yelling at the driver 'I'll deal with you when we get home'.
"Police said the brothers had to be pulled apart. They told them to sort it out in their own time."
The 253mph French motor careered into a Vauxhall Astra before hitting trees in Chertsey, Surrey, on Sunday afternoon.
A pregnant woman inside the Astra was taken to hospital as a precaution but incredibly nobody was hurt in the collision.
The driver was quizzed by police after the smash on the 40mph B375. He was reported by police for driving without due care and attention and will have to wait to learn if he will face prosecution.
The owner's friend John Morrison, who sold the elite car to the London millionaire, said: "He's absolutely devastated. I've spoken to him several times since and he's in mourning. That car was his baby and he is grieving for it."
Insurers were assessing whether to repair the Bugatti or make it Britain's most expensive write-off.
Last night it was being transported to France to be inspected by engineers there.​
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