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Buffing out slightly oxidized paint?

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My 'new' white '03 Honda Civic Hybrid has some slightly oxidized paint in certain areas.

Paint is pretty nice otherwise.

Is Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #2 suitable for lightly buffing that out? Bought a full bottle at a yard sale today.

I have a random orbit buffer. Lambs wool pad or other? Clay bar first?

Never done this before, so thanks for any help. (y)
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I havent used that product but its a fine cut cleaner so it should work pretty good for what you want to do. Ive only used the foam pads on my random orbital and you would want a mild cutting pad.
think I would wash it first with dawn dish soap. Followed by clay bar. Then the Meguirs #2 and finally a sealant with a smooth foam pad. Of course microfiber towels to buff off the #2 and the sealant. Dont use same towel for removing the cutting compound as the sealant. I use Jescar Powerlock sealant which one can get on Amazon. Sealant will last longer than wax.
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