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I talked to my mom this morning. Buddy had trouble breathing lately. He's been in the hospital this past week. The vet said he had a fungus in his lungs that was as bad at TB. He said that we could give him medicine but it wouldn't help much, cause it was so bad. They decided to put him to sleep this morning. My mom said they went to see him yesterday and that he wanted to come home. He didn't want to get back into the cage, and he kept going between their legs. Leann, my sister, is taking it really hard. But we just got to think, he's no longer suffering. He was around 8 years old. He'd always been a sucker for a belly rub. He was very protective of us, mostly Leann. If he were in the front yard, and we went walking without him, he'd climb/jump the fence and follow us. He was a good dog though, always listened, and kept the other dogs in line.

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