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When I bought my 69, the previous owner ditched the original bench in favor of a set of swivel buckets from an Olds. I ditched the swivel buckets for a set of buckets out of a 71/72 Buick GS. Should these bolt in (with the addition of inner mounting)? Do I have to replace the Brackets on the Seats? Yet another question is, since they look correct, when I order seat covers to re-upholster them, will I have any problems?

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The bucket seats should work just fine. They probably have a seat belt warning switch and wire harness that can be removed.

Inner mounting brackets are required. However the seat tracks should be fine.

You should not have any problems installing Chevelle seat covers, with the exception it's a tough job and a bit tricky.

I did the same on my 69'. Buckets out of a 72' Monte Carlo. I paid a friend at an upholstery shop to slip the covers on for me. It was well worth every penny.

Be sure to check for broken springs in the seat bottom. And I would also suggest adding some additional foam around the inside edges of the seat bottom in and around the springs for extra support.

And don't forget to replace the seat foam padding. Just order it when you order your upholstery. It will make your seat look much nicer.


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