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Bucket Seats Conversion

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I recently converted my 68SS interior to bucket seats. I have the new seats covered and installed but the seats seem to sit really close to the steering wheel, almost to the point where its hard to drive. I followed the instructions with the conversion brackets that said to use the current factory bolt holes that the bench used.I am sure that the brackets are correct since I ordered 2 different sets from different suppliers and they were the same. I would appreciate any ideas as to what might be wrong.The seats also seem a little higher.
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I just finished installing a set of these brackets in a 71. The rear bolts are the same the front bolts set inboard 3/4". The hump in the bracket goes to the front, and sits almost to the edge of the floor reinf. Take a chaulk line and string it from the rear seat belt holes from side to side to help make sure your "square". BTW the brackets are not user friendly since they need a bow in them. I had a heck of a time getting them to line up. I then drilled small pilot holes through the bracket & floor and inserted a drywall screw to hold it into place so I could weld it in.

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