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Brushed aluminum insert kits for top of console

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I want to replace the aluminum inserts on the top of my automatic console and wanted to find out if this kit (available from Groundup, OPG, etc) includes the aluminum around the "dial/shift indicator".

Has anyone replaced these on thier 68-72 auto console and did it include this piece? The parts catalogs don't specify and I don't trust the order takers to answer this offense to the order takers.

Thanks in advance!
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IMO,I think the kit is terrible in quality.I bought one for my SS454,and was not happy.I ended up sanding the originals with 400 grit paper,and shot 'em with Krylon dull aluminum laquer paint.Worked mint,and sure looked better than the kit.After wiping the back down with thinner,I re-installed them with some 3M weathstrip adhesive.I did it about a year ago,and it looks as good as the day I did it.

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