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Brown dash pad, glove box door, kick panels, how rare?

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I have a 72 Malibu that is Golden brown and had a parchment color interior. This car came with a brown dash pad, glove box door and kick panels.

Just wondering how rare these colors are. Also, anyone else here have a 72 with these colors? I am planning a change over to black/white interior and will need a black dash pad but this one is MINT condition and I hate to vinyl spray it if it's really rare.

I've only ever saw 2 other cars in this color other than mine. One was in a junkyard (4 door) and the other is in an old ad I have for Turtle wax. :D
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Used to have a 72 Chev Kingswood Estate Wago with that color interior.

Car was about 500' long... sbc400/th400
Man what a fun ride that was !
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