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Brodix IK head water passages

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My Brodix IK200 heads don't have the holes punched through in locations 4 & 6 in the pic. Is anyone elses IK heads like this?

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I know what you're saying about the water passages. I'm having cooling trouble with these heads and have been for awhile. See this post

I have a unusual over heating problem. Runs cool at idle, hot cruising. Pull the thermostat and it won't get over 160 degrees. Put a 180 thermostat back in it and it won't keep a low temp at cruise.
This problem just started. Been running fine for a year or so. I have a Griffen aluminum radiator and Edelbrock high flow water pump that was freshly overhauled by Edelbrock a year ago. I have been running a "regular" thermostat for a year. I replaced it with a regular t-stat and now it's doing the same thing. I just ordered a high flow Stewarts Components modified Robert Shaw t-stat to try in it.
What I don't get is it has been fine with a regular t-stat, why would it all of sudden need a high flow stat? Could the water pump impeller be spinning on the shaft or something? How and where do you plum in to check water pressure output of the pump, What would be the procedure? It's a SBC long water pump. One heater hose comes off the intake and the other goes to the pump.

Edit: Forgot to mention my temp gauge jumps all over the place like what happens when the water is low in radiator. It'll jump to 240 degrees and then come back down. Doesn't do any of that without a thermostat.
^^^Forgot to add here that I changed the heads from Edelbrock RPM to Brodix IK.

I've talked with brodix about the heads and they had me enlarge holes 1 & 3 to 7/16" in the gasket. (Felpro 1003) The middle hole is already big. It still does it. Guess the only thing left is to drill and tap the intake for bypass hoses.

Yes, I'm running a heater and it's hooked up.

I don't know what's wrong with these heads and I've talked to Brodix about it again. They redesigned the passages in the heads and my heads are right without the holes drilled. It's like the heads are getting "hot spots" in them and that's what's swinging my temp gage all over the place.
i have just around 5k miles on my IK180 heads, and have never had one over heating issue. that also includes 13-4 track passes, and MANY wot runs.
stock water pump., 180* t-stat, BOP brass 3-4 core rad.


Thanks Aaron,

Your heads are exactly like mine. The water ports are not drilled through. Since you don't have cooling problems...or crazy gauge action, I guess that's not the problem. My problem didn't start until I changed heads so I don't know where else to look. I put a stock water pump on and it did the same thing, so.... I'm lost.

Hopefully adding the water bypass hoses will fix the problem.

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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