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Breaking in Rear End

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Hey guys:

is there a proper procedure for breaking in a rear end? Took the existing 12 bolt peg leg with 3.55's and had it updated to posi with 3.73 to run with 1350 yoke and U joints and a drive shaft from Denny's. Is there any procedure required to break in the rear end or do I just drive it mostly normally for 50-100 miles or so then let er rip? First real drive in the car will be about 130 miles or so.

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Drive for no more than 30 minutes and let it cool for 1 hour. Do this for the first 100 miles (I know, I know). The racers will tell you they never break them in but, just do it and you wont have any problems. There is lots of friction as the gears seat themselves and that creates tons of heat. After 500 miles change the diff oil and don't forget the posi additive if it's a posi-traction.

I also didn't spin the tires, believe it or not.

John R.
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