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Breaking in Rear End

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Hey guys:

is there a proper procedure for breaking in a rear end? Took the existing 12 bolt peg leg with 3.55's and had it updated to posi with 3.73 to run with 1350 yoke and U joints and a drive shaft from Denny's. Is there any procedure required to break in the rear end or do I just drive it mostly normally for 50-100 miles or so then let er rip? First real drive in the car will be about 130 miles or so.

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Do not over heat it. Take it for a drive, let it cool then do it again. Is it a posi? If so, do some figure eights, and also put some off the GM posi lube in it.
Yep she's posi now and we put the posi additive in it when we filled it with rear end oil. I drove it about 5 minutes the first time, then about 5 minutes again, then about 10 minutes, then about 15 minutes, twice, then about 20 minutes. Are okay now? I got the need,...the need for speed :D. I wanna let them ponies out of the barn some.

I hear KY jelly works well although my rearend has never been broken into!
Uh.......:confused:. I'd best not comment or we will quickly get banished to CE jail :yes:
It was already driven about a hundred miles before I went to pick it up today. This morning I drove it for about 15-20 minutes, then it sat for aout an hour. Then I drove for about 45-50 minutes and sat for about 15 minutes. Then I drove for another hour and it sat for a couple hours, then I drove about 40 minutes and now it is sitting overnight.

I did not spin the tires either today, but did once after the rear end had probably 40 minutes driving on it. Another 200 miles or so and I will change the differential oil. Thanks for the input guys. It was a blast to drive it home today. I'm still smiling :D
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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