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Brakes - factory Proportioning Valve or Wilwood

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I need a new Proportioning Valve for my brakes, the original unit has been rebuilt and still does not work correctly.
I have been looking at the Wilwood unit that is adjustable for the rear brakes.
This is going on a prostreet truck with a BBC & automatic.
Truck is street driven most of the time.
Thoughts, feelings, advice?
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The Wilwood/ competing brands adjustable unit can be used to alter the pressure to the rear brakes.

The brake light is connected to the frame mounted unit called "Brake pipe distribution switch and assembly" in the GM manual. From reading the manual I believe the "Metering Valve" "holds off" front disc braking until the rear brake shoes touch . This Metering valve used in disc brake applications. This Metering valve seems to be connected to the master cylinder area with a line orignating from the front cylinder I think rear brake proportiner improves front and rear balance at high deceleration. This device is found within combination valve. During high deceleration stops a percentage of the rar weight is transferred to the front wheels. Compensation must be made for the resulatant loss of wieght to the rar wheels to avoid early rear wheel skid. I think has preset pressures from the factory. When you do things like use larger tires on the rear than orignally intended for the vehicle you can end up having problems with braking because your rear tires could lock up.

The "front" line from the master goes to the Brake pipe distribution switch and assembly
and splits off into left and right front. I think the line pointed out in my picture should work.
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