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Hi folks,
I've done a lot of searching and much of the information is somewhat dated so I'm looking for more current info/help.
I have a 1967 with with a 502 (a little over 500hp/500tq at the crank) and a five speed. The car has factory front disc and rear drum brakes with a 7" booster. I have a relatively large cam and very little vacuum so braking has been an issue. Decent stopping but basically a manual brake feel, and inconsistent. The bigger issue is that I am upgrading to 20" wheels in the rear and 19" in the front (I know, that makes many of you want to barf). So, I am going to go to a four wheel disc setup. I have looked at Wilwood, Baer, Kore3 and others. Up to this point, the car has been 100% street and will probably stay that way. Suspension is pretty stock side from sway bars although it might be slightly lower. Obviously, these calipers/rotors will be very visible so appearance is important. Also, I'd like to do away with the 7" booster as it seems to be pretty useless, and ugly. I have looked at ABS Electronic Brake Boosters as well which seems to be a nice setup.
So, do any of you have experience/input on which complete systems would work well? I do not want a manual brake setup but don't really want to go hydroboost setup either. Will a wilwood m/c itself be enough? Is the ABS booster a good choice? What is the best combination of rotor size and piston count? Budget is always important but I'm willing to pay for the right system. I'd also love some feedback from those that have only a wilwood or Baer m/c with no booster about stopping power and pedal feel compared to a full assist system.
Thank you all in advance.


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