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Brake bleeding, 70SS

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I have read a few posts (search) on this issue but not sure what applies to a 1970, so need yr help.

First,this is a full resto, reconditioned, but all original components and new steel brake lines....I cannot get brake fluid to the back drums. I assume the proportion valve (cleaned) is the culprit and somehow needs to be reset or adjusted.

I am using a hand bleeder vac pump that pulls the air and fluid out. I also tried it w/o the bleeder pump, same result. Front disc's bled out just fine. Thanks.
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Gravity bleed.....I never had luck with a vacuum pump.

I always let them gravity bleed first. Start at the RR go to the LR then RF and lastly LF.

Let the fluid run out of each untill the bubbles are gone. Then do the two person method a couple times if there is still air.

Has the master been bench bled?
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