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Brackets and Pulley suggestions

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I am looking for AFTERMARKET bracket and pulley suggestions. Thinking of maybe running Vintage Air, but their FrontRunner is a little too much money for me (I already have a new alt and standard rotation waterpump anyway).

their regular kit brackets don't look very appealing to me. Either too wide, or too tall, etc.

I was looking at the March Ultra setup, uses the "serpentine" belt, but not in a true serpentine route (fine with me)...

$700 polished or $830 Black (Summit)... But it uses a different model of Sanden compressor... The same compressor is used for VA's front Runner, so I know its compatible with the V/A...

Anyway, looking for other pulley options.

Small Block, Long water pump, NOT worried about rewiring to move the alternator (I'd like to place the compressor on the passenger side anyway)...

Doesn't need to be "billet", but I'd like the comp/alt to be low, and in front of the block, IF possible...

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I used Alan Grove for the '65. Just another idea for you-
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