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bought a project 66' SS

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I just bought another project car... 66' SS needing a total resto. The bucket seats that are supposed to be original look familiar but I know they are not the correct cover. Anybody recognize it?

Here's a pic of the car as well...

396 4 speed with console, factory air car. What do you guys think it's worth?
You can see a few more pictures here
The 396 in the pictures is for my 69'.
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I have no idea on the seats but I wouldn't mind having that car in the garage. Is it pretty solid? Is that where you found it?

Found on the internet. It needs some patch work here and there.

Did the car come with an engine and trans or did you get it as a roller?
I just bought it as a roller. I'm going to try and find a motor/ trans. or possibly sell it.. My wife doesn't seem to think I need it... That and I didn't tell her I bought it until afterwards.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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