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Borgesen 800 series steering box swap

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Just a quick update - I swapped out the original PS steering box in my '66 Chevelle this week - it was rather sloppy and vague and of course the ratio is far too slow for my liking anyway.

Replaced with the Borgeson 800 series box, reported to have a more modern feel, along with a 12.7:1 performance gear and bolt-in replacement with the corresponding rag joint. Included in the assembly are two flare adapters to use the stock PS hoses, which I did use. One of the fittings was leaking a bit - I tightened it a bit more and hopefully that will take care of it. Otherwise I may need to loosen and re-seat it. You can also use a later model O-ring style hose, but the hoses on my car are new so didn't see a reason to change them - unless I can't get these fittings to seal properly.

Anyway - replacement was easy enough, except the top bolt is covered by the bumper assembly on these cars - what a bad placement that is - no such problem on a 2nd gen Camaro! I left the pitman arm attached and in the car and then got that started first and then used a jack to hold the unit in place to start the bolts. I ended up off a couple splines on the rag joint, so will need to re-center the steering wheel, but the box is correctly centered.

Steering feel is indeed very good - at least as good as the PSC pro-touring 700 series box in my Camaro, maybe a bit better actually. Same ratio. Makes a world of difference. Now I can't wait to get my UMI control arms to add some caster and camber curve to the car to complete the transformation to a more modern feel and handling.

my project center:
Untitled by C4RACER, on Flickr

new box installed:
Untitled by C4RACER, on Flickr
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Nice install.

What lines do you have on there? I like the fitment.
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