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Borg Warner Super T-10 information please...

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I need to know the correct yoke length for a Super T-10 transmission. I sent my Son's T-10 off to get rebuilt awhile back and think I got someone else's yoke back by mistake. From what I remember the yoke I had originally was quite a bit longer than the one I have now and I'm a little worried if I run the short one I might have some bushing problems if it isn't right. I've been browsing the internet trying to figure out what yoke this trans calls for but can't seem to find any info. Ebay is offering numerous yokes that say they fit the TH400, Muncie and T-10 but I really think there is a length difference. Does anyone here know for sure if the T-10 takes a specific length yoke? Are there length differences? Thanks in advance for any info, or links, Bob
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It seems there are 3 lengths from center of cup to end: 5.5", 6.75" and 8". I guess you could use any as long as your driveshaft is the correct length and the right size u-joint.
Yep, matters not. So long as it's a th400 yoke you're good to go.
Hmmm, there are some of those yokes for trucks that are very odd and bolt to the output shaft, that might be a little different. The splined portion of the output shaft is fairly long and it is better to have more engagement of the yoke than less so I say it does make a difference.

The face of the yoke should have at least 3/4 inch spacing at ride height, not rear hanging while car is on jack stands height. The spacing should maintain through the complete travel of the rear, changing a slight amount as the rear travels through it normal arc.

Do not put the yoke tight to the back of the trans, it will fail and break the extension housing.
Specifics Wally. jeez. :D Yes as Wally said don't get a th400 yoke with a hole in it.:thumbsup:
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