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Boot between door and door jam?

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Does anyone have a good pic of the boot used to go between the door jam and the door for power windows/locks. I looked in OPG and they only had them for 64-67 and 68. Or is one available and if so what do they look like and how big are the holes you have to make in door and jam?

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I don’t know where to get the boots for the 70. Maybe a GM dealer. If you do find them the holes need to be 2 ½” in the body and 2” in the doors. The location (center) is marked by divits in the metal. The best way to cut the holes is to use knock out punches, a tool used to cut holes in electrical enclosures. You will get a cleaner hole than with hole saws. When I cut them on my ElCamino I had the fenders off. It will be hard to do without removing the fenders or the doors. The knock out set should be available at a good tool rental.
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