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bolt up glasspacks or high pass mufflers

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Ok, got a mildly built 350 and have just a set of summit full length headers on it now with just some sections of straight pipe (was just to get it running and driveable for now). well all i can say is that it is loud and my neighbors don't enjoy hearing my car set off every car alarm at 6 in the morning for a 2 block radius when i go to work :D

i know that I need pipes and exhaust.

on my previous car (69 GTO with a built 389 6pack setup) I was running full length headers and purple horny bolt on down swept glass packs

well i am looking at going back to the purple hornies or a set of cherry bombs that are also bolt on diretly to the headers. but I would like input from folks out there on other options since I have not been in the glasspack or high flow muffler market since the late 90's .


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well the glasspacks would still be very loud first thing in the morning. I fabed up a set with the long tube glasspacks and catalytics for here in Phoenix. talk about annoying, not even a good sound, just loud. can usually find some magnaflows or flowmasters for cheap on craigslist.
And the closer to the header the muffler is the louder it will be. The farther back, the quieter.
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