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bolt up glasspacks or high pass mufflers

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Ok, got a mildly built 350 and have just a set of summit full length headers on it now with just some sections of straight pipe (was just to get it running and driveable for now). well all i can say is that it is loud and my neighbors don't enjoy hearing my car set off every car alarm at 6 in the morning for a 2 block radius when i go to work :D

i know that I need pipes and exhaust.

on my previous car (69 GTO with a built 389 6pack setup) I was running full length headers and purple horny bolt on down swept glass packs

well i am looking at going back to the purple hornies or a set of cherry bombs that are also bolt on diretly to the headers. but I would like input from folks out there on other options since I have not been in the glasspack or high flow muffler market since the late 90's .


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A lot of people are saying that the H or X pipes are not quite what they're chalked up to be. If you have a non-restrictive system they are almost pointless. I advise you to stick with glasspacks & turndowns, but make sure they are at least behind your seats.
This is my car...355 with 8:1 compression, headers, 2-1/2" pipes with glasspacks and full tails.

Pretty sure they are Thrush glasspacks.
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