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Body mount how tight should i torque it to?

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Good day everyone hope all is well with ya
When i had the 66 in the body shop in 1999 i had them put new rubber body mounts in thease were the ones at the bulk head.This was the last thing they did in a hurry as the tow truck was waiting to bring it home so not realy sure how tight they torque them to or if we need them torque.Did not ask had a little squabel with them wonted to ge the car the &*^% out of there.Have been chaseing some creaking noises in the front end maybe the body is shifting a little and this is the source of my noises.Went around tighten all bolts i could find but there still is a little noise.Check front end all is tight ony thing i found was a loose lower ball joint nut.If those mounts are loose could this cause a problim
sorry for the long post.Thankssss guys.

Don Pell 66 396 Beaumont.
Once bitten twice shy.
Don Pell 66 396Beaumont.
Once bitten twice shy