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Body Filler Over Epoxy Primer or directly on Bare Metal

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I have a 66 Chevelle Mailibu and have a little bit of body work that's needed. I'm putting on a Lucid Tecnhology (by Northstar) Epoxy Primer on bare metal, and have some conflicting information. I your experience, is it better to put filler directly on the bare metal, and then paint the EP over that? Or, is it best to put the EP on the bare metal and they body filler over that?

Thanks for your help.

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Your going to get 100 different answers to that question, I'll tell you one I do my body work first over bare metal....Your going to sand the body filler right? Arnt you going to sand off the primer anyway then if you don't properly feather edge it you'll have a nice donut in the paint and if the primer isn't scuffed correctly youll have adhesion problems with the filler....If the metal work is done correctly on the under side it will be fine.

If you use a metal etching primer be sure its compatible with the top coats some don't want a acid based under primer.

Like I say its JMO 99 more to come.
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